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December 2013 Archives

Temporary employees seeing a rise in injuries

After the 2008 recession, many companies in Georgia and nationwide began hiring temporary employees to work in their warehouses, construction sites and factories. Nearly 3 million people now work for the temp industry, but a study of workers' compensation claims shows that in at least five states, there's a much higher rate of temp employees getting hurt on the job than permanent employees. This is because temp employees are more likely to be assigned jobs that are dangerous.

OSHA penalizes Ole for numerous hazards

The Occupational and Safety Health Administration recently announced fines against Ole Mexican Foods, Inc. for unsafe work conditions at their Georgia plant located just outside Atlanta. The fines total $151,030 and were initiated by a June inspection in which officials found a total of 20 safety violations. Two of those violations were repeat offenses, 14 were serious and four were other-than-serious. An OSHA official said Ole had been previously warned that some of the hazards could lead to a serious work-related injury and had not taken the necessary steps to correct them.

Georgia man dies in workplace accident

A Georgia Department of Labor spokesman said the agency is looking into a workplace death that occurred at Pratt Industries in Conyers. While operating a wood chip processing machine, a 31-year-old employee at the company was pulled into the machine and killed. Because the other employees were looking for the man for some time, it is not known how long he was trapped in the machine.

Former Georgia sheriff pursues workers' compensation claim

A workers' compensation lawsuit filed by a former sheriff of Dade County. According to the county attorney, workers must miss 30 days of work before they can start to receive compensation. However, the sheriff's case is complicated because the county paid his full salary while he was out of work for an extended period of time after suffering an injury on the job.