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July 2013 Archives

Workplace options offer health benefits

While workers have traditionally sat at their workstations in order to enter data or work on computers, that trend is changing in some locations in Georgia and across the nation. Standing desks are increasing in popularity at Emory College. One woman explained that a back injury and the following surgery made it next to impossible for her to sit for long periods of time. She asked if she could have a standing desk as an option. Since switching, she has noticed a number of benefits, such as less back pain and increased energy.

Report shows states most at risk for on-the-job injuries

Georgia workers may be interested to hear that a study by Allsup, which provides Social Security disability insurance across the nation, found that the three states with the highest number of workers' injuries were Maine, Indiana and California. Georgia was reported to be on par with the national average of workers who are injured while on the job with 0.7 injuries per 100 full-time industry workers.

Georgia worker sustains eye injuries in trash blast

A Georgia refuse worker has regained his vision after he sustained an on-the-job injury while collecting trash. The worker's eyes were damaged when an oxygen tank exploded in the garbage truck. The accident happened in late June in Marietta.

Georgia sanitation workers injured in explosion

According to a Marietta Police Department spokesperson, two sanitation workers were injured when an oxygen tank exploded inside of a garbage truck. The explosion occurred on Brentwood Drive at approximately 8 a.m. on Friday, June 28 when apparently the truck crushed some oxygen tanks that had been thrown away at a residence. A person at the home had thrown the tanks away while cleaning the home which had belonged to a deceased relative.