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April 2013 Archives

Canton, Georgia company cited for fatal workplace accident

The Atlanta-East Area Office of the Occupational safety and Health Administration opened an investigation last October into safety issues at a Canton, Georgia company after a worker was killed in a workplace accident at the facility. OSHA recently issued several workplace safety violations against the company.

OSHA: Macon company exposed workers to hazardous chemical

The recent story out of Texas about a massive blast at a fertilizer plant has gripped the nation's attention. That accident involved a massive fire, which spewed toxic smoke throughout the community. But it is important to note that toxic chemicals pose hazards for workers--even when there is no explosion or fire involved.

Explosion at Plant Bowen injures three workers

Initial reports last week suggested that four workers were injured when an explosion erupted at Plant Bowen in Bartow County, Georgia. Officials from the plant later revised that information and say that three workers suffered injuries in the workplace explosion. Two of the injured workers were treated at the plant for minor injuries. A third workplace accident victim was taken to the hospital and was released later Thursday night-the same day that the blast rocked the coal fired plant.