Workers' Compensation Media

For over 30 years, the dedicated lawyers at Tillman & Associates have fought to obtain the full range of workers' compensation benefits allowed by law for our clients' who have suffered workplace injuries. These injuries have included those resulting from specific on-the-job accidents or events as well as those that occur over time due to repetitive physical stress, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back and leg/foot problems that result from the wear and tear of the work itself. Even such conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, breathing problems, or exposure to toxic chemicals or fumes can result in compensable work injuries if there is a sufficient connection between the condition and the job place or work done.

A Team Of Highly Experienced And Qualified Lawyers

Our team of highly experienced and qualified lawyers will help determine your rights and win your case in those situations where the claim is fought by the insurance company. In those cases that are accepted by the insurer and not fought, we manage the claim from the beginning to ensure that your rights are protected throughout and that all of the income and medical benefits to which you are entitled are provided. We then, at the appropriate time, help negotiate a comprehensive settlement of each claim to maximize that recovery for our clients.

In Georgia, employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance, or qualify as self-insurers to cover such injuries. This insurance provides income benefits during any period of disability resulting from an injury or job-related condition, payment of authorized medical treatment, and compensation for any permanent impairment or disability.

Determining your eligibility and proper compensation can give rise to complex issues, which may lead to disputes, and that is when you will need an experienced Georgia workers' compensation lawyer advocating for you to make sure you receive fair payment and complete an appropriate medical care for your injuries. We will protect your rights and maximize your benefits.

Sometimes workplace injuries involve a third party — someone other than your employer. The expertise of our workers' compensation attorneys, combined with that of our personal injury attorneys, allows us to coordinate third-party cases ensuring you the best possible outcome.

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