Social Security Disability Media

At Tillman & Associates, we have worked tirelessly to represent clients all over Georgia in obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits to which they were entitled. These include both disability income payments and medical treatment for their disabling condition(s) and other medical needs.

Serious Injuries And Severe Medical Conditions

When most people think of Social Security they think of retirement benefits. However, Social Security benefits are also available to those who have become disabled due to serious injuries or severe medical conditions. This is an insurance program working individuals have contributed to all of the time they have been employed. It is paid as a deduction from payroll in our FICA or "Social Security tax deduction." It operates like private disability and medical insurance programs for those who have paid into the program and are qualified due to a disability.

However, individuals applying to the program are often turned down and have to go before an Administrative Law Judge to have their case heard in court. You need an experienced and dedicated team to represent you who will build your case, collect your medical file and data, and represent you in court at the hearing of your case. The lawyers and staff at Tillman & Associates have been successfully fighting to secure these benefits for deserving clients for over 30 years.

Benefits Denied? We Can Help.

If you are disabled and have been denied Social Security benefits, you need our experienced Social Security Disability lawyers and staff to prepare and present your case to best ensure your successful outcome. Please contact us at Tillman & Associates immediately for a free consultation about your case. Call us today and put our expertise to work for you. We can help.